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15 Sep Welcome to Journal Blog
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 Softaculous offers you a host of scripts to install, from within cPanel. Whether you want to install a blog, a CMS, a portal, a forum or an e-commerce software, you can get it all done automatically ..
15 Sep Season Essentials
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 Greylisting is a service provided by cPanel/WHM to stop receiving spam and unwanted incoming mails. On enabling this option, the mail server will temporarily reject all mails from any sender (other t..
15 Sep What Is WHM?
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 Server ConfigurationThis section allows the server administrator to customise the server settings. This covers basic setup configuration, root password changes, Cron Jobs, Nameservers, Directory Quot..
15 Sep CPanel Overview
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 Understanding CPanel For Shared And Reseller AccountsThe cPanel interface provides user level access to the clients with which they can manage the resource allocated to that particular cPanel account..
15 Sep How To Update CPanel/WHM Via Front End And Command Line
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 Updating CPanel/WHM To The Newest VersionIf you run your own cpanel server or vps then the most important security step to be taken in cPanel server management is to update cPanel version as soon as ..
26 Jul How To Configure Backup In CPanel/WHM Server
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 Step by step instructions on how to configure backups in cPanel/WHM server.Learn to create backups in a few easy steps.Backup Configuration For A CPanel/WHM ServerOne of the key factors in keeping th..
02 Aug How To Create And Restore Backups In CPanel
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 In this technote we will explain how to create and restore backups in cPanel.If you use our cPanel for your hosting then cPanel provides a very simple yet powerful tool for creating and restoring bac..
02 Aug What’s The Difference Between CPanel And WHM?
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 The best way to understand the difference between WHM and cPanel is that WHM is for people who administer the servers (System Administrators) and Resellers whereas cPanel is for the End Users (i.e. c..
02 Aug What Is CPanel?
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 cPanel is a commercially available and popular Linux based web hosting control panel for managing all aspects of a web hosting account.It employs and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and op..
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