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Business networks must support both business and technical needs because they use critical services such as ERP and private information networks through cloud services or mobile devices. SD-WAN allows you to optimize your bandwidth on a cost-efficient network. SD-WAN enables you to monitor and control network and application performance through an additional intelligence layer. It allows you to break free from traditional network constraints by augmenting the bandwidth through low-cost broadband networks. As a result, throughput, reliability, and performance are maximized through application tuning and link fault remediation.

Who should use SD-WAN ?

Your company should use SD-WAN if you want to:
비디오 인네넷서비스기업
비디오 인네넷서비스기업
비디오 인네넷서비스기업
금융관련 서비스 기업

Service Features

WithIDC's SD-WAN can enhance service quality and give bandwidth priority to critical applications through its Application Layer awareness.

By using dynamic route selection,
the fastest paths will be used for load balancing to augment
the performance of the application for faster delivery.