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DoS (Denial of Service)

DoS (Denial of Service) attacks are a malicious attempt to disrupt the service of a target system, such as a website or an application, to deny access to common end users.

DDoS attack occur when servers and Internet lines are overloaded in a short amount of time by remotely controlled tens of hundreds of PCs that are instructed to target a specific IP or website.

As a result of these attacks, users may not be able to access the official website or applications. This results in client dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, and damage to the brand's image.

When business critical programs become unavailable, operations and productivity will cease.

Who should use security?

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Service Features

Regardless of the size of attack, system monitoring against DDoS attacks quickly recognizes the attack and immediately blocks the malicious traffic. With 24/7/365 monitoring, we prevent attacks rapidly as they occur.

To enhance DDoS protection,
we use unicast and anycast technologies to automatically detect and resolve attacks exploiting application and server vulnerabilities,
hit-and-run events, and large botnets.